Provide convenience to your customers by offering delivery services.

Same day delivery. Refrigirated truck. Customer Service

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Same day delivery

Selectroot is a same day delivery service to deliver groceries, meal packages & food from a local store to customers. The delivery option is for your customers ordering online or in-store checkout providing additional choice and convenience for the customers.

A delivery platform for your business

  • Customer purchases goods from either local in-store or order products online and schedules a time window for delivery
  • Selectroot delivery associate receives the notification for delivery and other details; meanwhile you pack the items for delivery.
  • Selectroot delivery associate will pick up your customer’s order in the scheduled pick-up time.
  • Temperature controlled vehicles are used to keep the products fresh and safe.
  • Delivery associate shall deliver the package in the scheduled time to customer’s destination and collects the signature from your customer.


  • Fresh and safe products to your customer
  • Choice and convenience for your customers
  • Increase in revenue for your business
  • Cost effective solution

Products delivered

Selectroot can deliver a wide range of product categories. We deliver products in a temperature controlled vehicles to keep them safe and fresh.

Participating Retailers